So Long Russ Dilts…

There are two ways of spreading light – to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it – Edith Wharton

For me, Om Russ (the way me and Dilts’s volunteers called him) is ‘the candle’ who creates the bright light. On the other hand, the rest of us just try to be ‘the mirror’ to reflect the light.

I’ve been joining Dilts Foundation since 2006 as a volunteer. That was the first time I knew the figure of Russ Dilts, as a founder and initiator of Dilts Foundation. Although I didn’t recognize him personally at that time, I admired him a lot. How can’t I, all I heard about him was inspiring me in so many ways.

One of things that no one can deny is his sincere hospitality to anyone, indiscriminately. Anyone, no exception, can feel his sincerity that is coming right from his heart. And one thing for sure, he always keeps the doors open for everyone to visit his place.

I was wondering. Why can foreigners who were not born in Indonesia be that caring about the environment in this country more than its own citizens? Why can foreigners who don’t have the blood of Indonesia concern about the future of Indonesian children, more than those of us who were born and raised here? It will not be easy, unless for the noble-hearted man like Om Russ. He’s such an angel sent from heaven.

His sudden passing was met with shock and sadness by those who knew him, as well as the volunteers. He is such an inspirational figure who never runs out of energy to continue doing something for others. A man as humble and loving as Om Russ will always be remembered by those of us who knew him and love him. It won’t be enough for us to admire him. It won’t be enough for us to thank him. And it won’t be enough for us to return his kindness. God must have prepared the most beautiful place in heaven for him.

We promise that we will continue what he has started. We know we’ll be filling huge shoes but with everyone’s help we think we can do it. Let’s just remember everything that he shared with us.

Ellie – Volunteer of Dilts Foundation

*Russ Dilts passed away on Oct 15, 2011 in Aceh. I’m writing this to commemorate the 100th day of his passing that will be on Jan 22, 2012. At the same day, The biography of Russell Dilts will be launched.

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