It’s My Call…

My first call…






And my second call…





Hahaha… to be honest, it was me, talking to my self 😀

But it’s true. I got a call. From no one but myself. It’s coming from the inside, my voice within. It’s whispering: “You should go and do something for #Merapi. As long as you can go, please go. You don’t wanna regret it as Padang earthquake, do you?”

Alrite… My determination was made. I’m ready to go.

The question now is… can I go?

This is what I hate about being depended of other people. About being unfree.

Life is free. Yes it is. We also have the rights to choose. IF (once again) IF only you are not bound by any contract.

I’m ready to join Dilts Foundation team for Merapi. I am really sure that I can do something for the victims. Volunteering? It’s in my blood already  😀


So, may I go?


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