Happy Tears for My Bestfriend

6 Juni 2010 is the moment. My bestest friend is officially married to a guy that she’s been in love since junior high school.

I kinda love their story. Trust me, a fairy tale really exists. Their love story is pretty simple. It took years but still simple. I’ve never heard she had a boyfriend before. So did the guy. I don’t know him well.

Separated by distance for years, doesn’t matter when God say: Both of you are meant to be together. They’re in love each other. And after over 5 years (I can’t remember for exact), they become a couple. They change their status on Facebook into In a relationship. Let the whole world knows. No need to wait that long for the guy to propose her. And he did it. He did it very well. He painted the magic words “Marry Me” on an egg. He put the egg in the box in a beautiful way. And he just did it! Yess! It’s a yess coming out from her mouth. A beautiful dream wedding is waiting to be organized perfectly.

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

Then the day is coming…

June 6 feels like an ordinary Sunday morning for most people. But, for some people especially for me and my bestfriend, June 6 is the most beautiful Sunday morning God ever made. It was a little bit rush but still exciting.

When the groom said: “Saya terima nikah dan kawinnya….”, tears were falling from my eyes. Happy tears to feel her happiness.

We’ve been wondering who’s gonna get married first. And now we know the answer. She is the most beautiful bride I’ve ever known

The wedding and the honeymoon run very well. Once I visited her blog. I know that she couldn’t be happier. Having a very happy little family, waiting for a baby to cheer them up even more. Me waiting to be an aunty 😀

Happy Wedding for Indry & Bram. The Journey just begun…


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