The Switch – Between Love & Friendship

The Switch baru minggu lalu saya tonton di 21 Cineplex Setiabudi One. But if anyone asked me to watch the movie once again, i would love to. Yess, i like it very much 😀 Meski memang the story is a little bit cheesy. Mudah tertebak. Mirip-mirip cerita Back Up Plan. This is a story about love and friendship.

Kassie Larson diperankan oleh Jennifer Aniston, seorang wanita metropolitan yang sukses dalam berkarir namun gagal dalam percintaan. Bukan karakter yang sulit bagi Jen mengingat ia sering mendapat peran serupa. Hingga tiba pada saat Kassie benar-benar mendambakan kehadiran seorang anak. She cannot wait anymore. As a strong woman, she knows what she wants and she knows how to get that. Bayi tabung is the answer.

Wally Mars, closest friend of Kassie diperankan oleh Jason Bateman. They have been friend for 7 years. Too close for just a friend. But they committed to be just a friend. They share anything. Saat waktunya tiba bagi Kassie untuk mendapatkan donor sperma dari seorang pria, saat itulah terjadi The Switch. It was an accident, dan terpaksa Wally harus mengganti sperma pendonor dengan sperma miliknya.

Dari situ, tertebak how this story will end. Kassie and Wally love each other. Terlebih, tanpa disengaja mereka telah terhubung oleh seorang anak laki-laki. So, what are they waiting for? Hanya dibutuhkan keberanian seorang Wally untuk mengakui perasaan yang telah ia pendam selama 13 tahun. When he did it, she did it. Then they live happily ever after.

Two points that i get from the movie.
1.What a woman! She knows what she wants. No matter what, she will do anything to get it. Same here, lately i’m dreaming of having a baby. oops! Do i have to do the same thing? I don’t thing so. Adoption is okay for me 🙂
2.Bestfriend become boyfriend/girlfriend. So, it’s okay, is it? It’s not a sin. Don’t fool yourself! Wally have to wait for 13 years to say what he wanted to say. Thank God he’s still alive.

Would you rather have a best friend you secretly crush on or one you have no feelings for?

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