“Will You Marry Me?” Moment

Yeaaah this is it! It’s the time to ask “Will You Marry Me?” and to answer “Yes, I do” for a very happy couple. Well, it’s not happening to me yet. It’s my bestfriend. Today, she’s going to be proposed by her prince, her lover since over 9 years ago. *tepok jidat* What a long journey for this couple to make a decision. But Thank God, here they are, at the moment. And i am so happy for them. *ngayal mode on 😀

Surprisingly, when i asked Uncle Google about this “Will You Marry” things, they come up in many ways. So many information how to do this, not only in a right way but also in a best way!

There is www.willyoumarryme.com, the Original Online Proposal Service. Too bad, still not working or under construction. You can propose online with your very own proposal page that is made up of all the great information that you think is necessary. This unique online proposal service is sure to get that “cyber YES” out of her. She’ll not only be your future bride, but will also be the envy of her family and friends when she shows off her unique and thoughtful proposal from you.

As we all know, there are thousand ways to ask your future bride. Unique, funny, romantic, silly, even crazy way to express what we called love. It depends on what kind of people you both are. These are some:
1. The old one, but still be a gold one: Get down on your knee with a rose clenched in your teeth and the ring in your hand. The more people around you at a time, more you successful or unsuccessful in expression.
2. Write “Will you marry me (name)” in chalk on the street out side your house or apartment in big letters.
3. Call your local radio station and ask them to pop your question on air at a time. Make sure she will be listening. Then dedicate a song to her.
4. Candle light dinner should be excellent idea. You should know how to cook. It will be much better when meals was prepared by yourself with lots of love.
5. Go picnic to somewhere that you both haven’t been there yet. Then pop your question.
6. It will be much better when you pop the question face to face. Show your face because she would love to see you proposing her.

And many more. Well, i’m not the expert one. No one has proposed me yet :p But for me personally, those way is just to much. All i need is a simple one. He comes to me and pops the question: “Be my wife & be the mother of my ten children”. That’s it, then i’ll say: “i would love to be a mother of your eleven children”.

So, no matter how you say it, do it with your heart and be honest. Good luck for you! And congratulation for a couple today. One step closer my friend and you’re entering a new life.


4 thoughts on ““Will You Marry Me?” Moment

  1. hahahaa.. saya tidak siap menghayal sejauh itu soal lamar-melamar 😀
    jadi akan jadi seperti apa moment itu, yah paling tidak yg simple-simple saja.
    tapi kalau urusan melahirkan 10 anak, hmmm pikir-pikir dulu kali yaaa…

    • gapapa… mengkhayal sah sah saja 😀
      btw, punya 10 anak bukan berarti dan ga harus melahirkan 10 kali juga lho :))

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